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Dr. Inge Austin is an International Peak Performance Chiropractor that has practiced in America, Asia, and Europe for the past 17 years. She is the personal Chiropractor of Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling who beat Michael Phelps in the Rio Olympics in 2016. In addition, she was Peak Performance Chiropractor for the National Swim Team in Singapore before she relocated to Marbella. 

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Dr. Inge’s adjustments feel great, are super effective, and yield amazing results within just a few visits. 

Why do most people see a Chiropractor?

What Our Clients Have to Say In Marbella

We take pride in helping our clients live better lives and perform to the best of their abilities. Read what they say.

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Abhijit Raha
Abhijit Raha
Dr Austin is a " miracle healer", even for Olympic athletes. Look no further if you're in need of an accomplished chiropractor.
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ming cheung
ming cheung
Highly recommended, Dr Inge has helped me for years as I struggle with lower backpains. As a triathlete she has helped me to prepare before and recover after the races. She understands the mindset of athletes very well and has tons of knowledge on nutrition, posture, mental health and the human body.
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Kimmy Lee
Kimmy Lee
Dr Igne went the extra mile to come back to her office on a weekend to see me as I could not make it on a weekday after giving birth. The pain in my back was so intense that I could not sleep and had difficulty getting up from bed. She patiently explained to me about my scoliosis condition and the treatment needed. 5 stars for her passion, attitude and service!
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Charly Brandt
Charly Brandt
Thank you Dr. Inge for helping me. Before I saw you I was suffering from constant back and neck pain. You also helped a Good friend of mine who was suffering from strong Headache and now he is finally able to sleep through the night and be more performant on the golf course. A big thank you from him too ! I will recommend you to all my friends in Marbella! PS: I also love your online booking system.
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I have been to many Chiropractors, but I have to say Dr. Inge is top-notch! Highly recommend her to anyone suffering from back pain. she fixed me up in just a few visits and the treatments felt really great. Thanks Dr. Inge !
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What Our Clients Have to Say In Singapore

We take pride in helping our clients live better lives and perform to the best of their abilities. Read what they say.

Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling
04:17 13 Jul 20
Inge is a gem. I love her unrelenting work ethic and desire to help me achieve my goals to the highest level. Her technique and instinct is second to none. Having her on my team, especially during the Olympic year, gives me the confidence to perform up to my standards. Always a pleasure working with this fantastic human being. 1 billion stars!
03:35 22 Apr 20
Inge has really helped my neck issues over the last year and is ideally located in the CBD. She is incredibly flexible so can fit in with your work schedule! I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a chiropractor.
Jessie Ong
Jessie Ong
05:58 05 Jul 19
I was in severe left foot pain for more than a month, left leg hip down to foot loss it's mobility, left foot tingling numbness, hardly sit nor stand and not mentioning the pains that I have to endure. My dil parents recommended me to Dr. Inge.Understanding my situation, I also honestly told her I had slip disc ops in 2004 before, she briefed before she proceeds with her treatment.I should say she has a pair of magical hands, with her magical touch, my left leg gains it's mobility.Dr. Igne, I greatly appreciate your treatment, how could I thank you enough for your pair of magical hands to bring mobility back to my leg with only one treatment session.
Kaitlyn Choo
Kaitlyn Choo
09:40 28 Jan 15
I woke up one morning with severe neck pain that spread to my shoulders and gave me a migraine. As the pain did not dissipate over 2 days, a friend recommended I see a chiropractor. From the first session with Dr. Inge, my pain was significantly reduced and I immediately recovered some range of motion in turning my head. Over three sessions, the pain was completely gone and has not returned since.While I had some hesitation in seeing a chiropractor due to fear that treatment would be painful, Dr. Inge's sessions were entirely painless and very relaxing. I was always at ease due to her professionalism and expertise. In addition to alleviating my pain, she also helped to relieve tightness in my shoulder that I developed from long hours at a desk bound job that has plagued me for years.I have since recommended Dr. Inge to others who have had similarly positive experiences.
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Back Pain People Also Ask

Q: How can Chiropractic help you?

A: Sitting, standing, or walking for a prolonged period can cause stress to your body. This stress may lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other conditions related to improper posture and ergonomics and decreased nerve flow to the organs, tissues, and cells of the body. A healthy spine is essential to limit and help prevent discomfort and pain.

Q: What exactly do Chiropractors do?

A: The objective of chiropractic care is to decrease any kind of discomfort someone is experiencing, while at the same time boosting the overall function of the body. Chiropractic also enhances peak performance in top athletes where the range of motion is super important. The more range of motion one has the more powerful their movements will be.

Chiropractic practitioners are additionally big believers in individual education and will By educating you concerning preserving your health, workout, as well as even comfort designs they can help you to improve your lifestyle and also obtain you when driving to health.

Q: What are the 3 Stages of Care?



If you are experiencing pains and or reduced movement, we will identify the source of the issue as well as eliminate joint constraints, called subluxations. Subluxations can get in the way of appropriate nerve communication from the brain to the body– typically leading to pain.

While seeking relief, we may advise multiple visits per week until the discomfort is reduced. We will also take a look, see what is causing the problem, and teach you specific exercises to help you with it.


Just because the pain starts to subside doesn’t imply you should quit getting care. Muscular tissue and also various other soft cells damages might still be present even though the signs of discomfort are gone. Recuperation care functions to support your body as it is healing itself.

Throughout recuperation, your chiropractor may suggest coming for treatments once or twice a week and advising you on proper ergonomics so that the chance of a relapse reduces.

When you are not experiencing pain or discomfort, you can still benefit from regular chiropractic visits. While regular chiropractic can help boost wellness as well as well-being; it can additionally function as an early detection system for brand-new problems.

Q: Should I “pop” my own neck or back?

A:  You should not try to adjust your own back or neck as it can lead to herniated discs and other problems. Chiropractic doctors are highly trained to adjust the spine in a very specific manner, which will lead to optimum results while performing these adjustments safely and gently.

Q: Does a Chiropractic adjustment hurt?

A: Dr. Inge is known for her diversified technique, which is super gentle, yet at the same time yields amazing results. Her treatments are super comfortable and it is a pleasure to get adjusted. 

Q: What is a joint dysfunction/subluxation?

A: The terms joint disorder, subluxation, or spine imbalance are commonly used interchangeably. Regardless of the term used when a joint in the back or extremities is restricted, it creates a lack of motion that, subsequently, develops a dysfunction of the joint itself. This joint disorder can negatively affect the nerves as well as your capacity to do normal daily activities.

Q: Is Chiropractic good for anything?

A: Most people see a Chiropractor for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, and Slipped disc problems, but it also helps with stiffness, increasing one’s flexibility and sports performance.

Q: How do I know if I need a Chiropractor?

A: If you have poor posture, muscle and joint pain, back pain, neck pain or headaches you will most likely benefit from Chiropractic care. Our clients see improvements within just a few visits and are happy with their results.

Q: Will I need Chiropractic for life?

A: It will depend on your goals.  Some clients may choose to look for relief only when the pain is present whereas others want an even more proactive/preventative approach to their wellness. Just as it is normal to see a dental professional for good oral hygiene it is important to keep one’s body moving well so that it can function properly

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